In 1971, a group of businessmen envisioned a restaurant that could bring 2 simple things to life: good food in a good place. Thus, the first Cindys branch in Tarlac was born. Beginning with classics like freshly baked bread, halo-halo and local favorites like pancit luglog, Cindys grew in popularity among residents and visitors alike.

After the success of the Tarlac store, Cindys branched out to Olongapo City and then to Metro Manila. As the number of patrons grew, the need for new, exciting dishes arose. Cindys started to offer burgers, spaghetti and french fries– additions that the young adult market very much welcomed. The menu was then divided into three main sections: The Hamburger Section, The Express Meals and The Bakeshop. This last section allowed Cindys to differentiate itself from typical fast food joints without dessert offerings.

The expansion of Cindys menu led to further success, allowing for expansion up to Northern Luzon. In 1996, Cindys opened a store that was primarily a bakery, and secondarily a restaurant. This gave it an edge above the rising number of fast food joints. Today, Cindys has over
forty stores around the country.

Over the years, Cindys has changed logos, uniforms and store design to keep up with the changing times. But much as the demands became different, Cindys always remained to be a welcoming place for both young adults and families.

Be it the good food, the comfort of the place, or the name of the restaurant itself, Cindys has earned its spot in the hearts (and stomachs) of many Filipinos as indeed, The Place to Be.

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